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What Is The Sustainable Hiking Resource All About?

As the popularity of hiking, camping, and backpacking continues to grow, it’s our responsibility to make sure that we’re being good stewards of our trails and public lands. The Sustainable Hiking Resource strives to be a place for sharing information about and creating a community around enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

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Who’s Behind The Sustainable Hiking Resource?

Hey, I’m Leah! I’m a photographer, avid hiker, composting enthusiast, and generally crunchy eco-nerd currently based in Virginia, USA.

I decided to start the Sustainable Hiking Resource in December 2020 after seeing the popularity of hiking and camping explode this year as everyone was searching for an escape from the COVID crisis.

Unfortunately, as the number of people on the trails increased, so did the amount of litter and “social trails.”

My goal with Sustainable Hiking is to create a community around sustainable, responsible recreation and help spread information in an approachable, judgment-free way.

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